About The Bimmerist

I came up with a website with the aim to create a respectful and friendly community for BMW fanatics. Being obsessed with BMW automobiles myself, I provide a vast amount of information from my 20+ years long BMW tech career for everyone to browse. Bimmerist delivers BMW news, guides, and media content to thousands of BMW fans across the globe.

Having a strong presence on social media (Instagram), Bimmerist is an online mecca for BMW devotees. Our content comes directly from the heart of BMW fans. We share photos, videos, stories, news, and the latest information about BMW cars.

Show us how you tuned your BMW and share your stories with us, and we will share them with the rest of BMW fans. We bring fun and interesting stories about BMW, BMW collectors, drivers, and more.

Although the Bimmerist right now operates as a one-man band, I hope it will become a multi-author platform and an invaluable resource in the minds of true BMW aficionados in the near future.