BMW Coding: The Definitive Guide

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The Definitive Guide

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This is the most complete guide to BMW coding online. 

So, if you want to:

  • Understand BMW coding 
  • Learn about BMW coding tools
  • Learn how to code, step-by-step
  • Get access to my personal coding cheat sheets

Then you’ll love this comprehensive guide.

Let’s dive right in.


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Chapter 1: BMW Coding Fundamentals

Chapter 2: BMW Coding Tools Checklist 

Chapter 3: BMW E-Sys Coding Guide

Chapter 4: BMW NCS Expert Coding Guide

Chapter 5: BMW Coding Cheat Sheets 


BMW Coding Fundamentals

In this chapter, I’ll help you get a handle on the coding fundamentals.

So if you are new to BMW coding, or want to make sure you are on the right track, you’ll love this chapter. 

Then, in later chapters, we’ll cover advanced techniques and coding examples. 

But, for now, let’s cover the basics of BMW coding. 


What is BMW Coding?

BMW coding is a process of modifying data in control units to change the unit’s behavior. 

For example, by changing settings in the automatic transmission control unit, it can behave as standard or as “Sport Automatic Transmission.” 

What is The Point of Coding?

The main point of coding is the optimization of the production and repair processes. 

When a new control unit is produced, it contains all of the programs necessary for any applicable vehicle version. 

These programs are stored in the control unit as “Resident Data”. 

During the 

As BMWs became more complex, the number of variants increased dramatically. 

When the E31 8 Series was introduced back in 1989 there were 700 software variants possible only for EKM (Electronic Body Module). 


Yes, that is just one module in 30+ years old car. 

And that would mean that BMW has to produce 700 different control units. 


And the spare parts department would need to store 700 variants of the same module if it needs to be replaced for whatever reason. 


As a 




How Does BMW Coding Work?

When a new control unit is produced, either for a new car or as a spare part, it contains the hardware and software necessary for any applicable vehicle version.

During the coding, the set of instructions is activated in the control module. 

These instructions enable the control module to behave as expected:


  • USA variant YES 
  • Reduced engine power NO
  • Fuel Type U
  • Traction control YES


Here’s the example:

The control unit of an 8-speed automatic transmission can behave as standard or sport automatic transmission, depending on the set of instructions. 

What Can Be Coded in BMW?

The options that can be coded heavily depend on the vehicle model, hardware equipment, and software version. 



BMW Coding Tools 

This chapter is all about tools.

There are few tools for coding a BMW, and they depend on network architecture. 

With that, here are BMW coding tools for each model. 

BMW NCS Expert 


BMW E-Sys 


Carly for BMW




Similar to Carly, the Bimmercode is iOS or Android application. 

You need to buy a good OBD adapter. 



BMW NCS-Expert Coding Guide



BMW E-Sys Coding Guide



BMW Coding Cheat Sheets

In this chapter, you’ll find coding cheat sheets for download in PDF format.





BMW F020

BMW F010

BMW F056

BMW F001

BMW S018

BMW S015[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]