BMW Display Key Upgrade: Enhance Your Driving Experience

BMW Display Key Basics

What Is a BMW Display Key

A BMW Display Key is an advanced type of smart key that is designed for select BMW models like the G11 7 Series. It comes with a full-color LCD touch screen and offers a functional range of up to 985 ft 1. This innovative device goes beyond what is expected from a standard key fob, offering unique features that make using your BMW even more convenient and enjoyable.

How to Use the Display Key

To unlock your BMW using the display key, you simply need to press the unlock button on the key. If you want to lock the vehicle, press the lock button. You can start your BMW by placing the display key in the designated area inside the car, usually a wireless charging tray. If the display key’s battery dies, you can still use it to unlock your car through the BMW app or by holding it against the steering wheel rack where there’s a key symbol 1.

BMW Display Key Unique Features

The display key offers some exceptional features that set it apart from regular smart keys:

  • Remote Control Parking: With the appropriate optional equipment (OE 5DV), you can park your BMW remotely using the display key. This is particularly useful in tight spaces where it’s difficult to enter or exit the vehicle.
  • Full-Color Touch Screen: The display key’s touch screen can show essential information about your BMW, such as its range, fuel level, and service requirements.
  • Customizable Settings: You can customize various settings on the display key, such as language, units of measurement, and more.
  • Long Range: The key’s 985 ft functional range means you can use it from a considerable distance 1.

Remember to treat your BMW display key with care and charge it regularly to ensure its full functionality. With these impressive features and convenient usage, the BMW display key truly enhances your driving experience.

Aftermarket Upgrade and Coding

Upgrade Process

When considering an aftermarket BMW display key upgrade, you’ll want to research the various options and ensure that you choose a reputable provider. A well-ranked provider online offers original upgrade options for most current F and G Series BMW models, such as the 3 Series F30, 5 Series F10, X5 G05, or X3 G01.

Purchasing an aftermarket BMW display key involves selecting the correct key for your specific vehicle model and year. Before ordering, make sure to carefully review the product description and compatibility features. After acquiring your new display key, you’ll need to program and code it to work seamlessly with your BMW.

Coding Methods

To unlock the full potential of your BMW display key, you’ll need to code it using proper coding methods. BMW coding can be done in two ways: through the iDrive system or Expert Mode for those with more advanced knowledge. If you’re new to coding, it’s best to seek professional help, as a simple mistake can lead to issues with your vehicle’s functionality. Ensure that your coding process is compliant with BMW security protocols to avoid any potential problems.

Before starting the coding process, gather important information such as your BMW’s VIN, software version, and specific modules that require coding. This information will help guide you through the process and avoid costly errors.

A properly coded aftermarket BMW display key can offer several exciting features such as remote start, preconditioning, and easy access to your vehicle’s system settings. By following the correct upgrade process and coding methods, you can enhance your BMW ownership experience with a sleek, high-tech display key.

BMW Models with Display Key Option

F10 and 7 Series

The BMW display key was first introduced with the G11 7 Series. This advanced key goes beyond what is typically expected from a standard key fob. Featuring a full-color LCD touch screen and a functional range of 985 ft, it is an innovative and convenient addition to your driving experience.

BMW 3 Series

While the display key was not initially available for the BMW 3 Series, technological advances have opened the door for smart remote display key upgrades. This upgrade is now compatible with almost all current BMW models, including the 3 Series, providing enhanced functionality and ease of use.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series also offers compatibility with the display key, introducing innovative technologies such as wireless charging and parking assist. This allows you to easily access key vehicle information and utilize advanced features, improving your overall driving experience.

Remember to explore the available features and benefits of the BMW display key compatible with your specific vehicle model. Enhance your drive and take advantage of the full range of technological advances offered by BMW.

Key Fob and Battery Management

Charging the Display Key

To keep your BMW display key functioning optimally, it’s essential to charge it regularly. Your key fob typically comes with a wireless charging dock for easy and convenient charging. Simply place the key fob on the charging dock, and the charging process will begin. Make sure the dock is plugged into a power source and positioned on a flat surface for the best results. While charging, a battery icon will appear on the key fob’s display to indicate the charging status. Once fully charged, the display will show a fully filled battery icon.

Battery Lifespan and Maintenance

The battery life of your BMW display key fob is an important aspect of its overall performance and functionality. On average, you can expect your key fob’s battery to last between 1-2 years, depending on usage. Proper care and maintenance can help extend the battery’s lifespan.

To ensure your key fob’s battery remains in good condition, it’s crucial to keep it clean and dry. Avoid exposing the fob to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods, as these factors can contribute to premature battery degradation.

In case you notice any signs of weak battery performance, such as a slow response or the need for frequent charging, it’s recommended to replace the battery. Most BMW display key fobs use a lithium-ion battery. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult a professional for assistance in battery replacement.

By taking care of your key fob’s battery and charging it regularly, you can ensure it remains a reliable and useful tool for accessing and controlling various aspects of your BMW vehicle.

Advanced Key Features

Comfort Access and Keyless Entry

With the BMW Display Key, you can take advantage of the Comfort Access and Keyless Entry features. Comfort Access allows you to unlock and lock your BMW by simply touching the door handle, without needing to take the key fob out of your pocket or purse. Keyless Entry enables you to start your car by just pressing the Start/Stop button, as long as the Display Key is within the vehicle’s range.

Remote Parking Feature

The Remote Parking Feature is another exciting functionality of the BMW Display Key. It enables you to park your vehicle conveniently and safely even in tight spots by maneuvering it in and out of parking spaces without being inside the car. This can be especially helpful when you need to park in a narrow garage or want to avoid damage from opening your doors in tight spaces.

Checking Fuel Range

BMW Display Key not only offers advanced access and parking features but also allows you to monitor your vehicle’s fuel range. With a glance at the key fob’s screen, you can check the remaining fuel range, giving you the convenience to plan your refueling stops and ensure your BMW never runs out of gas during a trip. This feature saves time and helps avoid being stranded on the road due to an empty fuel tank.

BMW App and Retrofit Possibilities

Using the BMW App

The BMW App offers a range of features to enhance your driving experience. With the app, you can check your vehicle’s status, such as fuel level, range, and remote services. Additionally, you can lock and unlock your car, control the climate settings, and even locate your vehicle if you’ve forgotten where you parked. The app also allows you to send destinations directly to your car’s navigation system, so you can start your journey without hassle.

Remote services available with a connected BMW App include:

  • Lock and unlock: Securely lock or unlock your car from a distance.
  • Climate control: Pre-condition your car’s temperature before you get in.
  • Vehicle tracking: Locate your parked car easily with GPS coordinates.

Using the BMW App can make your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable, as it offers you greater control over your car without even having to be near it.

Retrofitting Display Key

If your BMW did not come with the display key or you’d like to upgrade your existing key, retrofitting a display key is possible. The process involves purchasing a compatible BMW Display Key, and in some cases, additional coding or activation may be required. This can be done by professionals who specialize in BMW upgrades.

The display key offers additional features, such as the ability to view vehicle status information, control certain remote services, and even perform remote control parking (if your car is equipped with the necessary hardware). Upgrading to a display key can provide you with a more interactive and advanced driving experience.

When considering retrofitting a display key, be sure to:

  • Check compatibility: Ensure your BMW model is compatible with a display key upgrade.
  • Find a reliable professional: Locate a qualified technician to perform the retrofit, as this process may require advanced knowledge of BMW systems.
  • Understand costs: Be aware of the costs associated with purchasing a display key and any additional coding or activation required.

By exploring the BMW App and retrofit possibilities, you can unlock new features and capabilities for your car, making your driving experience even more enjoyable and convenient.

Service and Warranty

Service Department and Procedures

Your BMW’s display key is an essential part of your driving experience, and the service department at your local BMW Center is well-equipped to handle any maintenance or upgrades it may need. When you bring your vehicle in for service, a Service Advisor will use a key reader to access crucial information about your car, enabling them to provide efficient and tailored assistance.

You should follow the service instructions provided by your BMW dealership to ensure the proper maintenance of your display key. This may include updating the software, checking battery life, or resolving any connectivity issues. Maintaining your BMW display key in excellent condition will allow you to take advantage of features such as the full-color LCD touchscreen and the 985 ft functional range provided by this advanced type of BMW smart key.

Warranty Information

BMW is committed to providing comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and accessories, including the display key. To learn more about warranty details and the service upgrades your BMW is eligible for, visit your My BMW Garage page. Here, you can review the warranty and any service packages available for your specific model.

Keep in mind that regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your display key and maximizing the benefits of your warranty coverage. Always consult with the service department at your local BMW dealership for guidance on your vehicle’s specific needs and to address any questions or concerns about the display key’s functionality.

Remember that maintaining your BMW display key’s performance is vital for a seamless driving experience. Utilize the resources provided by your dealership, and don’t hesitate to seek their expertise for any display key-related inquiries.


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