BMW Enhanced Bluetooth

BMW Enhanced Bluetooth 6NS Coding [Audio Streaming]

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to enable Enhanced Bluetooth for BMW iDrive step-by-step.

What is Enhanced Bluetooth?

Depending on the equipment configuration, BMWs come with either Basic Bluetooth (SA6NH) or Enhanced Bluetooth (6NS). The main difference is that, besides hands-free calling, the Enhanced Bluetooth option enables audio streaming from your phone.

When you enable the Enhanced Bluetooth option in your BMW you’ll get some advanced features like:

  • Pairing two phones
  • Connecting iPhone via USB cable
  • Audio (music) streaming
  • Audio streaming via BMW’s USB port
  • Album art covers
  • Office (SMS, calendar, tasks, notes) 

How Does it Work?

How to Enable Enhanced Bluetooth?

My preferred way is by using an E-Sys application. You can do it also with other, more convenient tools like Carly, Bimmercode, or BimmerGeeks. 

Coding Procedure (E-Sys)

If you are new to E-Sys coding, you should check this guide →

Change the Vehicle Order

The first step is to establish the option codes which will work with your BMW iDrive system: 6NS, 6NK, or 6NL? 

After you read the ECUs with E-Sys, you’ll find the version of the head unit:


6NK – HU_Champ2, HU_Entry, HU_EntryNav

6NL – HU_Champ2, HU_Entry, HU_EntryNav with Telematics (SIM card)

Ok, now we are ready to change the vehicle order and enable the EBT.

Open the FA-Editor and replace the 6NS option code with either 6NS, 6NK, or 6NL. Go back to Expert Mode → Coding, and code the following modules:

  • HU_xxx (NBT, CIC, Champ2, Entry, EntryNav)
  • CMB_MEDIA (if present)


On some models, like F15 X5, the Bluetooth option 6NH is standard equipment, so it does not appear in the vehicle order. In this case, you just need to add the 6NS option code.

Bluetooth Software Update 

Just like any technology, the Bluetooth in BMW is always evolving, so there are numerous versions of hardware and software with different capabilities. To find out what is your BMW capable of check out

Also, if you want to update the Bluetooth to support the latest smartphones, check out this guide → BMW iDrive Update (USB). 

Workaround for BMWs without Combox or Bluetooth

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