BMW F10 Upgrades: Top Enhancements for Your Luxury Sedan

Overview of BMW F10 Upgrades

The BMW F10, part of the prestigious 5 Series, has been a popular choice for car enthusiasts seeking a balance between luxury and performance. Despite the newer generations hitting the market, many F10 owners are interested in upgrading their cars to enhance their driving experience.

There are numerous options available for upgrading the F10 5 Series, covering various aspects such as performance, handling, and appearance. One key area for improvement is the engine, where performance upgrades can potentially increase power and efficiency. A range of performance parts are available from reputable brands, including performance engine and drivetrain components.

To augment the F10’s handling, suspension upgrades can be considered. Numerous F10 owners choose to uprate their suspension kits for enhanced cornering and grip on the road. Adjusting the toe angle and adding a small amount of negative camber can improve cornering performance.

The F10 can also benefit from turbocharger upgrades, which can boost power further and unlock the car’s full potential. Some popular options include Pure Stage 2 turbo, Speedtech, and Big Boost, although it’s essential to research and compare the different turbos before making a decision.

Cosmetic upgrades are also available for the F10, allowing owners to personalize their cars and make them stand out on the road. From aerodynamic body kits to premium alloy wheels, BMW enthusiasts have a wide array of choices when it comes to modifying their F10’s appearance.

In summary, upgrading the BMW F10 is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their car’s performance, handling, and appearance. With a wide variety of available parts and modifications, it’s possible to create a unique, impressive, and enjoyable driving experience tailored to individual preferences.

Engine Upgrades

Tuning and Performance Upgrades

The BMW F10 5 Series offers a great base for those looking to increase the performance and driving experience of their vehicle. One of the first steps to consider is tuning and performance upgrades. A popular starting point is with an engine tune or remapping, which optimizes the car’s computer for better power output and responsiveness. Other common stage 1 modifications include lighter flywheels, panel air filters, and sports exhaust systems ^1^. These upgrades will provide a noticeable improvement in acceleration, top speed, and overall driving dynamics.

Aftermarket and OEM Parts

When upgrading a BMW F10, it’s essential to choose quality parts from reputable brands. There are both aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) performance parts available to suit various budgets and goals. ECS Tuning offers a large catalog of F10 performance parts from popular brands, covering engine, drivetrain, suspension, and more. For those who prefer to stick with BMW parts, the company offers a range of performance components for the 5 Series that integrate seamlessly with the existing systems.

Turbo and Exhaust Upgrades

For those seeking more significant gains in power and performance, a turbo upgrade is an excellent option. By increasing airflow and improving the efficiency of the engine, these upgrades can provide significant horsepower gains. It’s also essential to pair a turbo upgrade with a high-flow exhaust system to maximize performance and ensure the engine is breathing efficiently ^2^. As turbo upgrades can be more involved and costly, it’s crucial to consult with a professional for guidance and installation to ensure optimal results.

In summary, the BMW F10 5 Series offers numerous opportunities for upgrading the engine and overall performance of the vehicle. Through tuning and performance upgrades, aftermarket and OEM parts, and turbo and exhaust upgrades, it’s possible to transform your F10 into a more powerful and responsive driving machine.

Suspension and Steering Upgrades

When looking to upgrade the BMW F10’s suspension and steering system, it is essential to focus on improving the vehicle’s handling and control. In this section, we will explore various suspension, steering, braking, and drivetrain upgrades that can be made to the BMW F10 5 Series.

Braking and Wheels

Upgrading the braking system can greatly enhance the F10’s stopping power and control. High-quality, aftermarket brake pads, such as Cool Carbon Brake Pads, can provide better braking performance and less brake dust. Additionally, consider upgrading the brake lines to stainless steel for improved pedal feel and responsiveness.

For wheels, consider choosing lightweight, forged wheels that not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance but can also improve handling, acceleration, and braking. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight, allowing the suspension to react more quickly to road conditions.


Modifying the drivetrain can help improve the overall performance and power delivery of the F10. One option is an upgraded limited-slip differential (LSD) which can improve traction and handling, especially during cornering. An upgraded clutch or a short shifter kit can also improve the driving experience by providing more precise gear changes and better feel.

Upgrading the BMW F10’s suspension components could significantly enhance its handling capabilities. Some options to consider include sway bars, which reduce body roll when cornering, as well as customized coilovers or lowering springs that assist in improving the car’s ride height and overall balance.

In conclusion, focusing on suspension, steering, braking, wheels, and drivetrain upgrades can greatly improve the driving experience and performance of your BMW F10 5 Series. Each upgrade should be carefully considered based on your personal preference and driving style.

Exterior Adjustments

Spoilers and Fenders

Upgrading the exterior of your BMW F10 can greatly enhance its aesthetics and performance. Installing aftermarket spoilers and fenders not only gives your vehicle a more aggressive look but also improves its aerodynamic capabilities. High-quality spoilers can help reduce drag, increase downforce and stability at high speeds, while fenders allow for better airflow around the wheels, minimizing air resistance.

There are numerous aftermarket options available for spoilers and fenders, providing you with multiple styles and materials to choose from. Ensure to select components that are precisely designed to fit your BMW F10 model, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing bodywork.

Side Skirts

Another popular exterior modification for BMW F10 owners is the addition of side skirts. These components are typically mounted along the lower portion of the vehicle between the front and rear wheels, enhancing the overall appearance and aerodynamics. High-quality side skirts can give your BMW a sleek, low-profile look, making it visually more appealing.

When selecting side skirts, it is crucial to consider the material, fitment and design. Opt for materials that are lightweight, durable and resistant to weather elements. Proper fitment is vital for ensuring a secure attachment to your BMW F10 and preventing any undesired effects on aerodynamics. Choose a design that complements the other exterior modifications, maintaining a harmonious look and aerodynamic balance for your vehicle.

By focusing on these exterior adjustments, you can effectively transform the look and performance of your BMW F10, resulting in a more enjoyable driving experience.

Interior Modifications


One aspect to consider when upgrading the BMW F10 interior is the lighting. Improving the cabin lighting can significantly enhance the ambiance and practicality of the vehicle. A popular modification involves replacing the standard halogen interior lights with brighter and more energy-efficient LED bulbs. These provide a crisp and modern appearance, as well as increased visibility for both the driver and passengers. It is essential to ensure that the chosen LED bulbs are compatible with the BMW F10 electrical system to avoid any malfunctions.

Audio Upgrades

Another area worth focusing on is the audio system in the BMW F10. For a premium listening experience, some owners choose to upgrade to the Harman Kardon audio system, which offers clear and powerful sound quality. The system features a more advanced amplifier, improved speakers, and a precisely tuned equalizer that delivers an immersive audio experience.

In addition to the Harman Kardon upgrade, there are other audio enhancements that can be made, such as adding custom subwoofers for powerful bass or installing high-performance speaker sets for better audio clarity and balance. It is essential to select components that work seamlessly with the existing system, to maintain proper function and integration.

By focusing on these interior modifications – lighting and audio upgrades, BMW F10 owners can create a more comfortable, personalized, and enjoyable driving experience.

Additional Accessories

Electronic Parking Brake

The BMW F10 5 Series is a prime candidate for electronic parking brake upgrades. This system allows drivers to engage the parking brake with a simple push of a button, offering increased convenience and a modern touch to the vehicle. Upgrading to an electronic parking brake can improve the overall driving experience for F10 owners.

Electronic parking brake systems utilize advanced technology to provide added safety and ease of use. These systems can automatically engage when parked on a hill or during an emergency stop, increasing the vehicle’s stability. Installation is generally straightforward and can be performed by a professional or experienced DIY enthusiast.

Alpha One Accessories

F10 5 Series owners looking to improve the styling and performance of their vehicles can consider a range of Alpha One accessories. Alpha One offers unique and high-quality aftermarket parts tailored to the F10, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and driving dynamics.

Some popular Alpha One accessories include:

  • Exhaust Systems: Upgraded exhausts can improve the vehicle’s sound and performance. These systems are designed to reduce backpressure and increase horsepower, while providing a more aggressive exhaust note.
  • Body Kits: High-quality, aerodynamic body kits can transform the look of your F10, giving it a sportier and more aggressive appearance.
  • Suspension Upgrades: Enhance your vehicle’s handling by upgrading to a performance suspension system. These upgrades can improve ride quality, reduce body roll, and provide better control during spirited drives.

By investing in these additional accessories, owners can customize their BMW F10 5 Series to their own personal preferences, improving the overall ownership experience and maximizing enjoyment on the road.

DIY Upgrades

The BMW F10 5 Series is a fantastic car, but with any vehicle, there comes a time when owners may desire to freshen up their ride or improve its performance. Luckily, there are several DIY upgrades that can be performed to bring new life to your F10.

One popular option is enhancing the car’s lighting system with bright LED upgrades. Swapping out older bulbs for modern LED lights not only increases visibility but also adds a sleek, updated look to your vehicle. These upgrades are easy to install and well-suited for DIY enthusiasts.

In addition to the exterior lighting upgrades, you can also focus on upgrading the F10’s interior. A highly recommended modification is updating the trim to create a more refined, exclusive appearance. You may choose materials like carbon fiber or brushed aluminum to replace the stock trim. Another interior improvement to consider is installing floor mats designed specifically for the F10. These custom-fit floor mats offer better protection against spills and daily wear, keeping your car’s interior looking fresh and clean.

Performance upgrades can also be tackled by DIY enthusiasts. For example, installing a new exhaust system or performance intake can boost horsepower and enhance the sound of your BMW F10. While these modifications might require more mechanical knowledge, they can still be completed by individuals with the right set of tools and determination.

If you prefer to focus on aesthetics, consider adding an aftermarket spoiler or diffuser to your F10. These parts not only enhance your car’s appearance but can also improve its aerodynamics and handling. Furthermore, upgrading the wheels or suspension system can have a significant impact on both the appearance and performance of your BMW F10.

In conclusion, the BMW F10 offers numerous opportunities for DIY upgrades. Whether it’s improving lighting, enhancing the interior, or boosting its performance, there are plenty of modifications that can be done by those with a bit of technical know-how and the desire to customize their 5 Series. As always, it’s essential to remain within legal limits and follow proper installation guidelines to ensure your F10 remains a safe and enjoyable driving machine.

The BMW 5 Series Model Comparison

Base BMW 5 Series

The base BMW 5 Series, known as the F10, is a popular luxury sedan that offers a comfortable and engaging driving experience. The F10 is part of the sixth generation of the 5-series and comes with a variety of engine options, ranging from a fuel-efficient four-cylinder to a powerful V8. Some of the key features of the F10 include an elegant interior, advanced technology, and impressive handling capabilities. The F10 is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between luxury and performance in a midsize sedan.


The BMW M5 is the performance-oriented variant of the 5 Series lineup. It is equipped with a powerful V8 engine, capable of producing significant horsepower and torque. The M5 features an upgraded suspension system, larger brakes, and a sportier exterior design compared to the base 5 Series. With its increased performance capabilities, the BMW M5 offers a thrilling driving experience for enthusiasts who crave both power and luxury.

Gran Turismo

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (F07) is a unique blend of sedan, wagon, and SUV characteristics, offering increased versatility compared to the traditional 5 Series. Featuring a hatchback design and a raised ride height, the Gran Turismo provides ample cargo space and a comfortable, spacious interior. While it shares some similarities with the standard 5 Series in terms of technology and features, the Gran Turismo distinguishes itself with its blend of practicality and sophistication.

BMW 535i

The BMW 535i is a specific model within the 5 Series lineup, offering a 3.0-liter inline-six engine with a twin-turbocharger system. This engine provides a solid balance between performance and fuel efficiency while still delivering a smooth and engaging driving experience. The 535i comes with many standard luxury features, making it a popular choice among 5 Series buyers who prioritize comfort and performance in their sedan.

Further Information and Blogs

For those interested in upgrading their BMW F10 5 Series, there are several informative blogs and websites to help guide you through the process. One such blog, Bimmer-tech, offers a comprehensive article detailing everything you need to know about upgrading your F10, such as retrofitting Apple CarPlay and adding a backup camera.

Another helpful resource is, which features a complete buyers’ guide for the BMW F10 5-Series. This guide provides valuable information about the F10 model, its history, and distinguishing features that one should be aware of when considering upgrades.

For owners seeking more specialized modifications, TorqueCars offers detailed suggestions for performance mods and upgrades specifically tailored to the BMW F10, F11, and F07 models. Focusing on handling and suspension, the article emphasizes the importance of uprated suspension kits to enhance your driving experience.

Additionally, BIMMERPOST is a popular BMW forum and blog that covers a wide range of topics related to the F10 5 Series. Apart from offering users the opportunity to discuss and share their own experiences, the website also posts news and updates on the F10 model.

Lastly, for those interested in F10 accessories, BIMMERPOST provides a dedicated tag that leads to several articles on accessories available for the F10 5 Series. This is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to personalize and enhance their vehicle with official BMW parts and products.

Overall, these blogs and websites serve as excellent sources of information for BMW F10 owners, offering guidance and knowledge to help make informed decisions and improve their vehicles to their liking.

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