BMW Remote Starter: Enhance Your Driving Experience

Imagine being able to start your BMW from a distance, ensuring that the interior is at the perfect temperature before you even step inside. The BMW remote engine start system makes this a reality, providing BMW owners with a little extra convenience and comfort. This innovative feature allows users to start their vehicle’s engine remotely with the simple push of a button on a remote transmitter or through the My BMW app on their smartphone.

The BMW remote engine start feature is designed to precondition the interior of the vehicle to the desired temperature, creating a comfortable environment before embarking on a drive. This can be particularly useful during extreme hot or cold weather, where drivers can ensure a cozy interior without having to sit in an uncomfortably warm or chilly car while waiting for the climate control system to adjust.

Not only does it enhance the driving experience, but this system also integrates seamlessly with BMW’s ConnectedDrive technology suite, allowing users access to various vehicle functions and information from their smartphone. Features such as Remote 3D View provide users a comprehensive perspective of their BMW’s surroundings, ensuring enhanced security and monitoring capabilities. With BMW remote engine start, driving comfort and convenience are elevated to new heights.

What Is a BMW Remote Starter

A BMW Remote Starter is a convenient feature that allows you to start your BMW’s engine remotely, ensuring the interior is comfortably preconditioned before you begin driving. This innovative feature can be operated using the My BMW app or the BMW key fob, making it easy to program from your home or office source.

The system works by sending a signal to a remote start module, which is wired to components such as your vehicle’s starter, ignition lock, and park sensor source. This enables the engine to start even without the key being present in the vehicle.

Beyond the convenience it offers, BMW Remote Start ensures your car is at a comfortable temperature when you enter, by allowing you to precondition the interior while you’re away source. For instance, on a hot summer day, you can cool down the cabin before getting in, and on a cold winter morning, you can warm up the seats and the interior before starting your journey.

In summary, a BMW Remote Starter provides convenience, comfort, and ease of use for BMW drivers who want to enhance their driving experience by ensuring a welcoming and comfortable environment inside their vehicle before every trip.

Compatible BMW Models

BMW remote start systems are available and compatible with various models, making it a convenient feature for owners. The system allows you to start your engine remotely, providing a warm or cool interior depending on the weather outside.

One popular model compatible with remote start systems is the BMW X5. Other SUV models that support this feature include the BMW X1, X3, X4, X6, and X7. Owners of these vehicles can enjoy the comfort and convenience of remote starts, essential for those living in extreme climates.

Remote start systems are not only available for BMW SUV models, but they’re also supported by various sedan and coupe models. Notable examples are the 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series, including the M2, M3, M4, and M5 versions. Eurostart offers remote starter kits for these models, providing seamless integration with factory key fobs.

For the more performance-oriented models like the Z4, M8, and 8 Series, remote start compatibility varies based on specific vehicle models and built year. It is recommended to check with your car’s manufacturer for compatibility information.

Since 2019, BMW has added remote start as a standard feature for many of its models, including the G20 BMW 3 Series, G22 BMW 4 Series, G30 BMW 5 Series, G32 BMW 6 Series, and the luxurious G11 BMW 7 Series. To find out if your BMW is equipped with this feature, you can refer to your owner’s manual or consult with your local BMW dealership.

In cases where your BMW does not have built-in remote start compatibility, professional aftermarket solutions are available. Companies like Compustar and Eurostart offer remote start kits tailored to specific car models like the F10, F15, and XB7.

In conclusion, numerous BMW models support remote start technology, providing convenience and comfort for drivers. While availability varies, aftermarket solutions exist to equip your vehicle with this useful feature. Always consult your BMW dealership or a professional installer to ensure compatibility and proper installation.

Key Features of BMW Remote Start

BMW Remote Start is a convenient feature that allows you to precondition the interior climate of your BMW vehicle before getting inside. Using the My BMW app or your BMW key fob, you can easily activate the remote start feature, ensuring a comfortable temperature inside your car all year round.

The primary function of the BMW Remote Start is remote engine start which enables you to remotely turn on your vehicle’s engine. This comes in handy, especially during extreme weather conditions, such as cold winter mornings or hot summer afternoons. Simply press a button on your key fob or your BMW remote start app, and the car will be preconditioned, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable cabin temperature before getting inside.

BMW Remote Start also gives users the benefit of heat and climate preconditioning, which can be customized based on your preferences. With this feature, you can set the optimal temperature using the climate control settings prior to starting your engine, ensuring that your vehicle is ready when you are. Additionally, remote engine start can activate defrosting features to clear your windshield for better visibility.

The remote software upgrade feature is another aspect of the BMW Remote Start. It enables you to keep your system updated with the latest features and improvements. This comes as a part of the BMW ConnectedDrive suite, which makes it even more accessible to users.

BMW Remote Start is available for various North America BMW models, either as a standard feature or part of a package. Depending on the model, you may have access to the BMW Display Key or the BMW Digital Key, both offering remote start capabilities.

In summary, BMW Remote Start offers convenience, comfort, and up-to-date technology for enhanced driving experience. Whether it’s preconditioning your vehicle’s interior or making use of the remote software upgrade, BMW Remote Start demonstrates the commitment of the company to providing a seamless driving experience for its users.

Installation and Activation Process

Installing and activating the BMW remote starter involves a few essential steps. First, you may need to add the feature to your vehicle if it is not already equipped. Fortunately, you can do this through authorized BMW specialists like BimmerTech.

Once your BMW has a remote starter installed, the activation process is quite simple. Start by pointing your BMW key fob at your vehicle and press the lock button (BMW Roundel) three times consecutively to activate the Remote Engine Start feature Carolina’s BMW.

Additionally, many BMW models now come with the My BMW app, which allows you to operate the remote starter from your smartphone. To use this feature, you will need to connect your vehicle to the app and sign in with your BMW account credentials.

Overall, the installation and activation process for the BMW remote starter are straightforward, making it accessible for most BMW owners. Whether you want to warm up your car on cold mornings or cool it down on hot days, the BMW remote starter is a convenient and practical addition to your driving experience.

My BMW App and ConnectedDrive

The My BMW App is the central hub for all your automotive needs, as it offers a variety of features and services. If you’ve previously used ConnectedDrive website or the My BMW website, your vehicle will automatically appear upon logging into the My BMW App. However, if you’re a new user, you’ll have to tap “Add Vehicle” and follow the provided instructions to connect your car.

Within the app, you can check your vehicle’s status, updated information on charging progress, tire pressure, fuel and battery levels, and more. It also offers Remote Services such as locking, unlocking, and locating your vehicle. These features provide increased convenience and ease for BMW owners.

The ConnectedDrive Store plays a significant part in enabling remote engine start, which can be purchased through an over-the-air download. To activate the function, simply add Remote Engine Start to your shopping cart, verify your payment details, and confirm the purchase. Your BMW will download the software automatically as you drive.

Function on Demand is one of the innovative services offered by BMW, allowing you to easily add new services and updates to your vehicle. Using the My BMW App and ConnectedDrive, you can enhance your driving experience while taking into account the environment. For instance, the BMW X5 M, equipped with iDrive 7, can significantly benefit from remote starter function and other updates available through the app.

In conclusion, the My BMW App and ConnectedDrive offer an exceptional range of services and functions that help make your driving experience truly unique and personalized. By staying up-to-date with the latest features and improvements, BMW owners can enjoy a seamless and comfortable driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Engine Start?
Remote Engine Start is a feature available in some BMW models that allows you to precondition the interior of your vehicle to a comfortable temperature before starting your drive. This feature can be easily operated with the My BMW App.

How do I remote start my BMW?
To remote start your BMW, you need to have a compatible vehicle and the My BMW App installed on your smartphone. Follow the instructions within the app to connect your vehicle and use the remote start feature. For more tips and tricks on remote starting your BMW, check out this article by Carolina’s BMW.

Are there any aftermarket remote starters available for BMW vehicles?
Yes, there are aftermarket remote starters like Compustar that are compatible with BMW models from 2005-2016. These systems use vehicle-specific firmware to communicate directly with your BMW’s computer, enabling remote start and several other factory features.

Is using a remote starter safe for my BMW?
Remote starters designed specifically for BMW vehicles, such as the BMW ConnectedDrive system or an aftermarket solution like Compustar, are safe to use. They communicate directly with your vehicle’s computer to safely control the remote start feature and other factory-installed options. However, be cautious while selecting an aftermarket remote start system, make sure it is compatible and designed to work with BMW vehicles.

Can I control other features of my BMW using a remote starter apart from starting the engine?
Yes, some remote starters offer additional features like arming your vehicle’s OEM alarm, controlling the vehicle’s heated mirrors, and more. These features can be accessed via the remote starter’s long-range remote or a compatible app like the DroneMobile App.


BMW Remote Start is a valuable feature for owners, offering convenience and comfort in various weather conditions. By allowing you to precondition your vehicle’s interior with the My BMW app or the BMW key fob, this technology ensures your driving experience begins on the right footing.

Various BMW models and years come equipped with remote engine start, making it increasingly accessible for a range of drivers. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has this feature, consulting your owner’s manual or speaking with a BMW representative can provide clarity. Additionally, aftermarket solutions exist to add remote start to your BMW, ensuring that even those without the factory option can benefit from its convenience.

In summary, BMW Remote Start enhances your driving experience by offering climate control from a distance and bringing a new level of ease to vehicle ownership. Its seamless integration with the My BMW app and the BMW key fob enables straightforward operation, ensuring users can take advantage of the technology without difficulty. Embracing BMW Remote Start is a smart decision for any BMW owner seeking a practical, enjoyable, and efficient driving experience.

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