BMW Service History (iDrive)

BMW Service History (iDrive) – How it Works & How to Modify

With the introduction of the then-new 1 Series F20 (09/2011), BMW began the transition from service booklets to digital service history. Initially, this service was only available in the F20, F21, F22, and F23 models with a built-in central information display.

The transition lasted until ~2015 when all models equipped with a central information display switched to digital service history (with the exception of some markets, like Korea). 

The completed maintenance work must be recorded in the vehicle’s electronic service booklet.

Regularly conducted maintenance is evidenced by the inclusion of maintenance work in the vehicle’s electronic service history.

How Does BMW Service History Work?

Car maintenance data is centrally saved on a BMW AG server (FBM) and then copied to the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle equipment and market, the service history can be transferred via the ISTA workshop system or automatically via ConnectedDrive over the air. 

If the car doesn’t have a valid ConnectedDrive contract, the service history has to be written manually into the car via the ISTA service application. 

The information about the services that have been transferred is saved in a separate file in the multimedia head unit HU (CIC, NBT, NBTevo, Etc.) Only vehicles having a CID can display the electronic service book.

BMW’s service history (online history) not only speeds up order fulfillment, but also prevents data tampering because saved data cannot be stolen, altered, or manipulated.

Information on the maintenance status is stored in the vehicle description module (FBM) on the central server of BMW AG. Before each data transfer to the vehicle, a complete deletion of the history in the vehicle is carried out.

The history is then filled with the data stored in the FBM.

How to Find Service History in iDrive?

Go to the Service Requirements page to get to the iDrive Service History menu. The Service History should appear at the top of the list after that. It appears as in the illustration at the top of this page.

How to Transfer Service History to iDrive With ISTA?

For this function, you can only use the official BMW ISTA application with a valid BMW Service contract.

  1. Connect and identify the vehicle with ISTA 
  2. Search for information
  3. Service Functions
  4. Maintenance and reception view
  5. Service history
  6. Start search 
  7. Choose procedure “Service history”
  8. Confirm the data transfer to the vehicle with “Yes”
  9. Wait for confirmation

Now check the Service History data transfer at the iDrive

  1. Vehicle information
  2. Vehicle status
  3. Service requirements
  4. Service history (at the top of the list)
  5. Check if a new entry is displayed

Alternative Service History Editors

Now, there’s also another option. With the application called HU-Service Manager or BMW Service Manager Lite/PRO it is possible to write service history as you like. Of course, only in your BMW’s iDrive. 

This is a good option for independent shops or DIY enthusiasts who want to keep track of maintenance records via iDrive. These tools allow you to add any entry as you want so it is often used for manipulations. However, when the BMW is serviced in the future all entries will be deleted and the actual entries will be loaded from the BMW server’s FBM. 


You can buy the PRO version here:

You can download the LITE version here:

(no virus/false positive)


You can download the software here:


A few years ago I had a customer at regular maintenance and I’ve transferred the service history via ConnectedDrive to the car. The next day the customer called complaining that the last service wasn’t written in the service history. 

After I double-checked that his BMW has a valid ConnectedDrive contract and that the service history entry is live, I asked the customer to bring the car so we can check what is wrong. 

Here’s what happened. 

The car was serviced at another local “BMW Specialist” where they entered the service history entry with one of these “unofficial” tools. This job automatically disabled the service history transfer via ConnectedDrive. 

So, here’s what I’ve learned.

1. HU-Service Manager writes service history entries in the wrong order (at the top of the list).

HU-Service Manager writes the service history entries in a different order. When I checked the iDrive for service history entries, I immediately saw that something was wrong. The HU-Service Manager writes the latest entry from the above, while the BMW writes entries from top to bottom. So, there was something like this:

06/2022 Oil Service 100.000 MLS 

06/2016 Oil Service 20.000 MLS

06/2017 Oil Service 40.000 MLS 

…and so on. 

2. Writing a service history with an HU-Service Manager disables the ConnectedDrive over-the-air service history transfer. 

BMW iDrive Service History Coding 

How to Reset BMW Service History?

There are several ways to do it. WIth Tool32: load the HU file (Eg. nbt.prg) and start job > steuern_servicehistory_erase

With either of the HU Service History tools just connect to HU, and click “erase service history.” 

Here’s the guide to Tool32 Jobs → 

How to Activate/Deactivate BMW Service History?

With the help of E-Sys and FDL coding, to DEACTIVATE the service history you need to set the FDL 3000 HMI function SERVICE_HISTORY = nicht_aktiv, save and code HU_CIC/CHAMP/NBT/ENTRY… etc. 

To activate the service history, just set the function SERVICE_HISTORY = aktiv. 

Here’s the guide to FDL coding with E-Sys → 

How to Write BMW Service History With Tool32

Example NBT Navigation F – Series

Check coding equipment → 

Find the right PRG file →

EDIABAS (ToolSet32)

ECU data (In \ Rheingold \ ECU)

 Connect to the car and start ToolSet32

This tool will only be started actively when it is connected to the car unless you go to Simulate under Settings, then you can open it offline.

Then select the correct group for your HU model in the “File > Load SGBD, group file” menu.

In this case, we’ll use NBT.PRG

Select in the “Jobs” area:


Here’s how to create an arguments command line, explained one by one:

Arguments: 13;06;2020;0;100500;1;WERKE;0x1;3;

Maintenance Day (DD) – e.g. E.g.: 13

Service Month (MM) – e.g. E.g.: 06

Year of maintenance (YYYY) – e.g.: 2020

Leave this at 0 (SERVICE COUNTER/increment correction request)

Mileage at the time of the service (regardless of whether the car is showing kilometers or miles) – e.g. e.g.: 100500

Dealers: 1 BMW dealer, 0 independent market participants – e.g. e.g.: 1

Dealer Name (max. 7 characters, spaces are allowed and are counted, note the ASCII character string – otherwise you can write whatever you want) – e.g.: BIMMER

0x1 = maintenance carried out, 0x2 = maintenance carried out late, 0x3 maintenance incomplete – e.g.: 0x1

Indicates how many of the following maintenance entries should be filled in – e.g.: 3

Then you should be able to carry out all the maintenance work you want, with the extra data – example:

# Oil maintenance

# 0x1 = maintenance performed, 0x2 = maintenance performed late, 0x3 maintenance incomplete

# Remaining distance (this is missing in both HU tools)

# Time remaining (this is missing in both HU tools)


00001=engine oil

00002=Front brake

00003=brake fluid

00004=micro filter

00006=Rear brake

00007=Particulate filter

00008=Fuel ​​filter

00009=gear oil (transfer case)

00013=NOx additive (SCR)

00016=Spark plugs

00017=Vehicle check


00019=Service hydrogen system – service only in defined, approved workshops

00020=Handover review

00021=Service entry check (note additional work if necessary)

00022=Diesel additives

00023=Water filter

00031=Service preliminary check for the main inspection (only for the German market)

00032=§ Vehicle inspection

00033=§ Emission test

00034=Air filter cartridge

00035=gear oil (DKG)

00036=Air filter insert

00040=Battery master switch

00041=Spring blocker

00042=service and parking brake (transport and downtime 3-6 weeks)

00043=Service and parking brake (transport and standstill times of more than 6 weeks)

00044=Winter tires and interior mirror with digital compass

00045=Service entry check (if necessary, consider additional work(s))

00046=Service SMG gearbox/rear axle gearbox

00047=Service valve clearance

00048=Service rear axle drive

00049=Additional manual transmission service work

00055=Engine oil

00056=Fuel ​​filter

00057=Fuel ​​additive

00058=Water injection service

00059=Radio remote control battery

00060=Gas pressure springs for front flap (only with SA8TF active pedestrian protection)

00061=Service vacuum pump

00062=Battery telematics control unit

00063=Service front axle drive

00064=Service transfer case

00065=Fuel ​​filter RDE

00090=Vehicle check

00095=Drive belt

00096=Toothed belt

00099=Service front axle / rear axle

00100=Vehicle check

00101=Service hydraulic unit/steering arm

00102=Service front axle/rear axle/brake/drive

00103=Front and rear axle / cardan shaft

00104=Front axle carrier / engine mount

00105=Brake hoses / front axle

00106=Brake hoses / rear axle

00107=Brake caliper front / rear

00108=Coolant expansion tank

00109=Cooling water hoses / fan clutch

00110=fire main

00111=Extinguishing agent container


00113=breathing air bottle

00114=Wheel carrier only for chassis no. DA64081, DA64082, DA64083

00115=brake discs (only with SA 106 security vehicle)

00116=front axle/rear axle (only with SA 106 security vehicle)

00117=Front axle/rear axle (only with SA 106 security vehicle with Dynamic Drive)

00118=Spark plugs

00119=microfilter (if necessary, consider additional work(s))

00120=Centrifugal compressor

00121=Spark plugs

00122=Service hydrogen system 6 months

00123=Service hydrogen system 12 months

00124=Service hydrogen system 36 months

00125=Service hydrogen system 20,000 H2 kilometers

00126=Service Dynamic Drive E68

00127=Automatic transmission oil

00128=Service active stabilizer (only for vehicles with SA109 Security Plus)

00130=Replace pin puller

00131=Service front axle drive

00132=Service door hinge

00133=Service gas spring front door

00135=Service coil springs (emergency vehicle SA185 only)

00136=coil springs (only with SA 106 security vehicle and SA 109 Security Plus)

00137=front axle/rear axle (only with SA 109 Security Plus)

00138 = Service coil springs (only emergency vehicle SA13A loading police open / SA13B loading emergency doctor)

00140=microfilter (if necessary, consider additional work(s))

00141=Air filter insert

00142=Spark plugs

00143=Spark plugs

00219=recirculating air filter (if available, change at extra cost)

00230=Service electric gearbox/high-voltage system

00231=Service high-voltage system

00232=Additional work service vehicle check

00256=Service oil separator

00257=Vehicle check additional scope

00258=Coolant level

BMW Motorrad

20001=12 volt battery

99901=Engine oil level OK

99902=Engine oil level too high

99903=Engine oil level too low

99904=Service engine oil level

99905=Engine oil level ********

99910=passive measurement OK

99911=25cl over minimum


99921=Engine oil level OK

99922=Oil level critically overfilled!

99923=Add engine oil: #&.& liters

99924=Engine oil level ********

99999=default scope

Georg Meier

BMW technician since 1996. I began my automotive journey in 1993 as an apprentice mechanic at Automag, the world's oldest BMW dealership in Munich. With years of experience and dedication, I garnered a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of BMW and MINI vehicles. The love/hate relationship with the brand led me to found BIMMERIST where I share expertise and insights with fellow enthusiasts.

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