My BMW App: Enhancing Your Driving Experience Effortlessly

Overview of My BMW App

The My BMW App is a convenient tool that allows you to manage and optimize your BMW ownership experience by connecting your smartphone and your vehicle. This digital platform keeps you informed about your car’s status while offering an array of features designed to enhance your time on the road.

As a BMW owner, you can monitor your vehicle’s status and access its many features directly from your smartphone. With the My BMW App, you can remotely start your engine, lock and unlock the doors, and stay on top of crucial vehicle information like fuel levels and drive-ready states. You can also keep your vehicle’s software up-to-date, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

In addition to these remote services, the My BMW App also offers navigation and exploration options to help you discover local points of interest, whether it’s finding restaurants, sights, or nearby gas stations. Utilizing these features allows you to plan new routes, update your navigation systems, and even save interesting locations for future journeys.

Another advantage of using the My BMW App is staying connected to your car’s maintenance needs. Receive alerts when it’s time for service, schedule an appointment with your preferred dealer, and keep track of previous maintenance tasks – all from the palm of your hand.

The My BMW App is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to stay connected with your BMW no matter which smartphone platform you prefer.

In summary, the My BMW App brings a range of convenient features and services to enhance your BMW ownership experience, accessible right from your smartphone. Embrace the world of digital connectivity and make the most of what your BMW has to offer with the My BMW App.

Key Features of My BMW App

ConnectedDrive Services

With the My BMW App, you can access and enjoy the advanced features of ConnectedDrive Services. The app is designed to make every drive convenient and hassle-free by keeping you connected to your vehicle while on the go.

Vehicle Status and Remote Control

You can now check the status of your BMW – such as range, current mileage, window and door status – directly from the app. It also offers a range of remote control features allowing you to lock or unlock doors, activate the horn, and even monitor your car’s surroundings with Remote 3D view.

Navigation and Map Features

Planning trips becomes effortless with the My BMW App as it allows you to sync your maps and send destinations directly to your car’s navigation system. Experience the convenience of real-time traffic updates and gain access to navigation features such as storing addresses for later trips.

E-Mobility Services

The My BMW App supports your e-mobility journey by offering smart e-mobility services, including information on charging stations, charging status, and remaining charging time. This information helps you make the most of your electric BMW experience.

BMW Digital Key

The My BMW App allows you to turn your smartphone into a BMW Digital Key. This feature securely stores your key on the app, so all you need to access your vehicle is your smartphone. You can even share access to your car with family members or friends.

Demo Mode

If you’re curious about the capabilities of the My BMW App and you’re not yet a BMW owner, you don’t have to miss out. The app features a Demo Mode that lets you experience the functionalities and potential benefits of the app without the need for a connected vehicle.

Updates and Upgrades

The My BMW App offers you an efficient way to keep your vehicle up-to-date with the latest software updates and upgrades. Remote Software Upgrade makes it easy to ensure your BMW stays ahead with the most advanced technology and enhanced performance.

With the My BMW App, you don’t need to visit a dealership or service center to install updates. Instead, you can conveniently download upgrade files using your compatible Android™ or Apple™ mobile device. Simply connect your device to your vehicle, and the app will do the rest.

When a new update becomes available, you can check the eligibility and compatibility by entering your BMW’s VIN into the BMW Software Update section on their website. Compatible updates will then be pushed to your paired mobile device and selected vehicle.

The app allows you to review the full release notes before deciding to install the update. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the newest enhancements and performance improvements.

Make the most of your BMW’s capabilities by staying current with the available updates and upgrades. Take advantage of the My BMW App and its user-friendly interface to keep your driving experience top-notch.

Financial Aspects

BMW Financial Services

With BMW Financial Services, you have various options that offer a tailored experience. Whether you prefer customized financing with lock-in rates or flexible leasing with customizable payment options, they ensure that transitioning from one BMW to another is smooth and hassle-free.

Payments and Payoff Quotes

Managing your account is effortless with the My BMW App. It provides a platform to make payments, access account information, and help you stay updated on your vehicle status.

You can easily access your monthly account statements approximately 14 days before your due date, making planning for your payments convenient. Opting for paperless statements means receiving an email alert to view your statements online, further streamlining the process.

For those considering paying off their BMW loan early, obtaining a payoff quote is simple. Contact BMW Financial Services, and they will provide the necessary information to guide you through the process. This way, you can stay on top of your finances while enjoying your BMW driving experience.

Mobility Services

Service Appointments and BMW Service

With the My BMW App, you can easily schedule service appointments for your vehicle at your preferred BMW dealer. The app provides instant support by sending maintenance alerts, helping you stay on track with your car’s health. You can also initiate remote software upgrades with just one tap.

Mobility Experience

Explore a diverse range of mobility options and services through the My BMW App. Discover nearby restaurants, sights, or gas stations within your neighborhood or on your next road trip. Besides, you can locate points of interest and save them for later, ensuring a seamless mobility experience every time you drive your BMW.

Electric Mobility and Charging Stations

For electric vehicle owners, the My BMW App offers smart e-mobility services. It provides comprehensive navigation features that make trip planning effortless, including locating charging stations and route planning to suit your EV’s range. The app keeps you informed about the current status and charging progress of your BMW, ensuring a smooth electric mobility experience.

Availability Across Countries


The My BMW app will be available in the USA soon. It will offer enhanced functionality, allowing you to check your vehicle status, lock and unlock doors, locate your car, and more.


Similar to the USA, the My BMW app will be rolled out in Canada soon. Canadians will also enjoy the same range of features and benefits for a seamless and connected driving experience.


Japan will soon be able to access the expanded functionality of the My BMW app. This expanded functionality will provide Japanese drivers with a more user-friendly and personalized experience with their vehicle.


While there is no specific information regarding the My BMW app’s availability in Russia, the app is expected to roll out to additional markets, including over 40 countries by mid-2021. Keep an eye out for further updates.


The My BMW app is available in Slovenia. Slovenian users can use the app to check vehicle status, remotely lock and unlock doors, plan trips, and much more.


Romanian BMW drivers can also access the comprehensive features of the My BMW app. Enjoy the convenience of checking your vehicle status, roadside assistance support, and connecting with your BMW seamlessly.


The My BMW app has already been launched in Korea, providing Korean drivers with a new-generation app for enhanced vehicle connectivity. Enjoy an intuitive user interface and various features to improve your driving experience.

Practical Details

BMW Shop

The BMW Shop offers a variety of accessories and services for your BMW vehicle. In addition to purchasing genuine BMW parts and accessories, you can access your vehicle’s status and data using the My BMW App. It provides a seamless experience for managing your BMW from anywhere with your phone.

App Store

The My BMW App is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices. With this app, you can perform various actions such as:

  • Starting your engine
  • Locking and unlocking the doors
  • Receiving maintenance alerts
  • Scheduling service appointments

Please note that the availability of features may differ by model.


The My BMW App is regularly updated to provide optimal user experience, and bugfixes are an essential part of this process. This ensures the app’s performance and functionality remain at their best, and issues are resolved promptly. By keeping the app up to date, you can enjoy a seamless connection with your BMW and access the latest features and improvements. So, regularly check for updates on your respective app store to keep your app in top-notch condition.

Safety and Security

The My BMW App offers a variety of features designed to enhance the safety and security of your vehicle. By connecting your phone with your car, you can access crucial information and services from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind for you and your vehicle.

With the My BMW App, you can monitor your vehicle’s status, such as tire pressure, fuel and battery levels, and even charging progress for electric models. Detecting potential issues early can help you take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents or breakdowns.

Remote Services offered in the app also help you secure your vehicle. From the comfort of your phone, you can lock and unlock the doors, which ensures you never accidentally leave your car unlocked and exposed to potential risks. In case you cannot remember where you parked, the app can help you locate your vehicle with ease.

Should you need assistance or have an emergency while on the road, the app also connects easily to roadside assistance services, ensuring quick response times and support when it’s needed the most.

By receiving maintenance alerts from the My BMW App, you can easily stay on top of your vehicle’s needs and schedule service appointments with your preferred dealer when necessary. Regular maintenance helps keep your car in good condition and reduces the likelihood of unexpected issues.

In summary, the My BMW App offers a range of features that prioritize the safety and security of both you and your vehicle. By staying informed, connected, and proactive, you can ensure a smoother and safer driving experience.

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