What is BMW Driver Assistance Package?

BMW offers various advanced driver assistance systems in their vehicles. These are generally packaged together under different names depending on the market and the specific model.

Here are some of the features that you might typically find in a BMW driver assistance package:

Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go: This system can maintain a selected speed while also adjusting to the speed of the car ahead. It can slow the car down to a stop and then start up again without driver intervention.

Active Driving Assistant: This includes various safety features like Lane Departure Warning, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Active Blind Spot Detection, and Speed Limit Info.

Parking Assistant: Helps the driver in parallel and perpendicular parking situations. The system controls the steering while the driver still needs to operate the accelerator, gears, and brakes. Some advanced versions also include a Surround View system with a 3D View.

Driving Assistant Professional: This is a comprehensive package that includes Extended Traffic Jam Assistant for limited access highways, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with side collision avoidance, Steering and Traffic Jam Assistant, Automatic Lane Change, Evasion Assistant, and Front Cross-Traffic Alert.

Head-Up Display: Projects driving-related information onto the windshield directly in the driver’s line of sight to minimize distractions.

Extended Traffic Jam Assistant: In certain traffic situations, this system can take over the task of driving.

Gesture Control: Allows the driver to perform certain operations in the iDrive system by moving their hand or fingers in the air.

Again, the exact features and their availability can vary by model, model year, and market region. Some features might be standard, and others might be optional or part of a package. It’s always best to check with the official BMW website or a BMW dealership for the most accurate and current information.

Georg Meier

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